Warranty (Mechanical Breakdown Insurance) can be provided through AutoProtect. We recommend that you use this system to safeguard your investment.

AutoProtect provides comprehensive protection plans to remove the fear of a wide range of unexpected motoring expences, leaving you free to relax and enjoy your motoring. The motorist’s plans provide you with the following levels of cover to protect you, and your vehicle:

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Pays for the cost of repairing your vehicle in the event of a mechanical failure covered under the policy. According to statistics this will happen to more than a third of all cars. Mechanical Breakdown Insurance also provides:

  • Recovery for you, your passengers and the vehicle.
  • A replacement vehicle or overnight accommodation or alternative transport arrangements.
  • Continental cover which extends this peace of mind to motoring on the continent for a period of up to 60 days.

MoT Test Insurance

Research shows that one car in six fails the MoT test, and the cost of repairs can be high. You can remove this worry permanently with MoT Test Insurance which covers the cost of work necessary to rectify those faults which cause a vehicle to fail the MoT test.

Call Assist Membership

Call Assist Membership provides:

  • Roadside assistance to repair minor mechanical or electrical faults on the spot.
  • Recovery of the vehicle and up to five passengers in the event of an accident or breakdown. (This includes breakdowns which are not covered by the mechanical breakdown insurance policy).
  • Home Assist service which enables your car to be repaired on your own doorstep.

Vehicle Replacement Insurance Protection

A total loss need not be a disaster. In the event that the vehicle becomes an insurance “write off” VRIP will pay the difference between the amount paid by your insurance company and the price you originally paid for the vehicle and any outstanding finance (subject to the limit set out in the policy document.)

Further information is available at: www.autoprotect.net